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Xtend Voice Logger

Implement Xtend Voice Logger to increase productivity, enhance customer relations, improve business and make services quicker and more efficient.


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Xtend Voice Logger is a multi-channel voice logging solution that helps to supervise, record, monitor and review all incoming/outgoing calls and audio communication in your organisation. The tamper-proof product offers scalable architecture, seamless PBX integration and advanced capabilities to record audio from Analog, ISDN PRI and VoIP trunk/extension lines. With an array of recording and administration features combined with a secure and unified web-based platform the entire telephony network can be remotely administered at any time. Using the recording solution, any type of small, mid-sized and large enterprises can keep secure and accurate record of voice and non-voice communications in an efficient manner.

Installation & Configuration : Product Demonstration

The video has been demonstrated in a simple way to guide the user on installation and configuration of Xtend Voice Logger. The product records the customer related telephone interactions and presents it through a secure, user-friendly browser interface with full-fledged features for call monitoring and evaluations.

Xtend Voice Logging : An Overview of Supported Protocols