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Analog Line

Xtend Voice Logger for Analog Lines logs telephone call from an analog trunk or its extension line. The product is capable of monitoring and recording trunk, extension or both side calls. Developed for recording high and low range of densities, USB Voice Logger is available in 1/2/4/8/12/16 upto 256 ports and more.

  • Works on Plain Old Telephone Services
  • Records analog trunk and extension lines
  • Multiple device connectivity to single PC
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VX Voice Logger

VX Voice Logger receives the caller with a welcome greeting and notifies the caller that the call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes. Voice announcement can be made through a particular telephone line or customised announcements can be also set for different telephone lines and extensions. Voicemail facility based on days and hours of office operation/non-working hours/holidays, telephone call recording, beep sound notification and much more are available.

  • Multiple device connectivity to single PC
  • Device comes in 2/4 port configuration
  • USB powered call recorder
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Digital Trunk (Single ISDN PRI)

Xtend Voice Logger for ISDN PRI is a USB based, easy to install, multi-line voice recording solution that can be used to record telephone calls on ISDN PRI and R2 (E1/T1) lines.

  • Supports ISDN PRI and R2 (E1/T1) lines
  • State-of-the-art USB powered device
  • Easy to install on PC/Laptop
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Digital Extension

Voice recording for Digital Extensions is carried out using specialised hardware voice logging cards that plug into the PCI expansion slot of the computer system. The Voice Logger supports digital PBX extensions and requires a powerful computer system to log the number of extension lines.

Disclaimer: The supported telephony voice card shown here is the property of the respective owner.

  • Supports digital extension of most PBXs
  • Call status detection using D-channel
  • Stereo audio logs of all calls
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VoIP Lines

Xtend VoIP call logging software snoops on TCP/IP networks to log the audio carried on VoIP connections. Xtend provides support for the VoIP protocols SIP, H.323, CISCO Skinny besides Skype and also blends well in an IP-based PBX.

  • Records telephone calls over an IP Network
  • Supports Asterisk, Alcatel, Nortel, Ericsson etc
  • Mix and match analog, digital trunk and VoIP Models
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Public Announcement and General Alarm Audio Recording Solutions

The Public Announcement and General Alarm (PAGA) Audio Recording Solutions is ideal for recording loudspeaker announcements, microphones, audio signals and many more. The PAGA solution helps in recording the instant audio messages conveyed to wide audience through announcements in onshore/offshore oil and gas platforms, airports, metro trains, shipyard facilities, construction sites and other mission critical areas.

  • Scalable architecture and seamless integration
  • Recording, playback and incident mapping
  • Full-fledged reporting and record management
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Standalone Voice Logger

Standalone Voice Logger is a full-fledged, dedicated, rack-mountable logging device with an inherent computing power and storage capability and consists of all the necessary components to implement voice logging solutions conveniently. Typically a Standalone Voice Logger requires only the necessary power supply, telephone lines to log and an ethernet connection.

  • Scalable architecture with centralised management
  • Auto-sync data and redundant storage
  • Built-in encryption to detect tampering of recorded files
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Air Traffic Control (ATC) Audio/Video Logging Solutions

Xtend ATC Logger is a multi-channel audio/video recording solution that works with Analog/Digital VHF/UHF Transceivers, Wireless Units/Radios, RADAR etc. The system has the ability to capture the audio and video data during the ATC communications and can playback the recordings through the browser-based user interface.

  • Incident mapping and analysis from multiple channels
  • Audio/video recording and multi-channel playback
  • Supervise, review and analyse without being present onsite.
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Centralised Voice Logging Solutions

Xtend Centralised Voice Recording Server is a multi-channel voice logging solution that records the audio directed from analog, digital and VoIP phone lines. The centralised voice logging solution gives the full overview of the enterprise phone interactions on a unified web interface that enables supervisors to playback, listen and review the audio logs of multiple branches.

  • Centralised data management and reporting
  • Comprehensive and location-wise call log search options
  • Automatic data updation to Head Office (HO) from all branches
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